Poetry of the void

Acrylic on wood (150x150cm) 

Poetry of the void is a month long project were I proceeded to paint blue lines on top of one another. 
Even though the creation of this piece was laborious, the act of creating the piece and the meditative state it put me in allowed me to process overwhelming emotions in a therapeutic way. Commiting to this artwork by painting up 5 hours a day, was a way for me to slow down and to internally process these feelings. 
I found solace in natural environments; their shapes and forms, as their are the place where I feel the most at peace with myself and therefore serves me as a source of inspiration in my art. I believe I tried to convey that feeling of peace, or at least the research of peace, through this painting
In the end, Poetry of the void is an ode to loneliness. To the passage of time, the changing seasons and everything around it. And myself in the middle of all of this. Participant and spectator.
The finished work is a testament of my growth and jouney towards inner peace on a short period of time. It is important to aknowledge that growth isn’t always linear but through commitment and patience, something meaningful can come of it. This final piece, with its unexpected composition and calming blues, is a reflection of my journey and a reminder that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. 


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