How and where does a person stand within themselves and thus, in the world that surrounds them? A question that has been the centre point in my artworks and subsequent developing practice over the past five years. 

My work is meditative, immersive and calming. Through the use of a wide variety of mediums including glass blowing and painting, I explore the ever-holding relationships I hold within my mind, body and environments; I look from within and how my internal and external relationships can be healed, and thus, extend to others in orders to create wider connections. By manipulating and exploring a wide variety of mediums, it allows me to use intuition and self-reflection to lead the direction of creation. My intuition is expressed through textures, colors, movements, and spontaneity. For me, art is allowing me to transcend from my physical body engaging with my spiritual self in order to observe the human experience. Through this process, I am able to detach myself from intrusive thoughts and maladaptive thinking that could hinder my creativity.

Art is a continuous process in my practice, therefore I do not consider having any finished works but rather connective pieces that communicate with each other