Garden of the void

Le jardin du Vide (Garden of the Void) is a mixed medium installation that combines painting, glass blowing, plants and elements from the surrounding space. This creation emerged from a year-long series of experimental projects, inspired by the profound impact nature has had on me, bringing a sense of calm to my mind.

Poetry of the Void, the central painting, is a meditative exploration where I layered blue lines upon one another to create a large blue composition. Poetry of the void is an ode to loneliness. It embodies the passage of time, the ever-changing seasons and the encompassing world around me. In this artistic journey, I am both an active participant and an observant spectator, finding myself in the midst of it all. The painting draws inspiration from the grandeur of mountains, evoking a feeling of smallness and comfort within the expansive universe. Growing Sorrows involves the delicate process of shaping glass pieces onto a suspended branch. These glass pieces serves as a metaphor for the overwhelming emotions I have experienced on my personal journey of growth and exploration.

The branch on which they are resting, symbolize the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired and matured through my pivotal years as a young woman. To further enhance the installation, plants have been incorporated, symbolizing the ongoing evolution of my perspective. They contribute to the overall meditative atmosphere and create a sense of tranquility within the space.

Collectively, these elements come together to form Le Jardin du Vide, a frozen installation of Time unravelling. It captures the essence of my experiences and

reflections that have shaped me. This installation serves not only as a guide of my own personal journey through life, but in return, it has brought me a real feeling of belonging and inner peace. 

Pieces of the installation can purchased individually. Price on demand.